Getting naked for the first time

I discovered naturism by a documentary I saw on TV about Studland Naturist Beach. I lived near by and I was really interested to go there and see – and feel what it would be like.

After some searching I found the beach and saw people there – naked! My heart was pounding and it felt strange to pull my boxers down and have my penis on show. What I have been used to having kept hidden away was free and getting the breeze and sunshine.

I wasn’t t ashamed of what I have between my legs so it made is easier. If I’m honest I know that being comfortable with my skin would make me more confident about the idea. Even with that said it did take a long few mins to get used to the feeling.

Once I got used to it it felt great and liberating and I could give my whole body the equal treatment I felt it deserved. Everyone says “what if you get and erection?”, this is not really a big problem even if it is down there. The tantalising feeling of the elements on your body for the first time can and has caused me to have an erection and most people understand that is natural. Sometime it can be because you’re aroused, in that case you can cover it with a towel haha.

I realise for women it can be difficult as your basically engineered to dislike your body. If you go you can just go in a bikini and gradually get naked as you feel more comfortable. I went there with a girlfriend at the time when the beach was quiet and she didn’t need any encouragement to get naked and enjoy the beach, I was impressed.

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